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Mar 07, 2012

UK Company DRS leads the way in examination processing solutions in Africa

UK based global data capture specialist, DRS, has continued its success in the African market by slashing by two-thirds the time required to run a major examination programme in Ethiopia.Students no longer have to wait for their results as the processing time has been significantly reduced.

The Addis Ababa Education Bureau (AAEB) has used the DRS solution to process exams for over 65,000 students. Formerly a three month manual process, the new system registers students, scans and marks examination answer sheets, generates qualification certificates and reports results and statistics in less than a month.

Fekadu Fantaye from the AAEB explains; “Before switching to the DRS examination system, it took 180 staff members up to 12 days to manually code all the answer sheets, then it took 300 people almost two months to complete the manual marking.A further 40 people were required for 18 days to write out all the certificates ready for distribution. Thanks to DRS this year we needed just six markers and two staff members to print the certificates. The whole process only took 28 days.”

DRS’ general manager for education, Sid Spalding, comments; “DRS’s wealth of experience and expertise in this technology allowed us to deliver exactly what was needed by the customer; efficiency, improved marking and better post examination analysis. The experience of the AAEB specifically illustrates the significant reductions in both labour resource and marking time afforded by the DRS solution, with consequentially faster publication of results, which is obviously a huge benefit to students.

This particular solution is part of our wider assessment offering, which includes our leading online electronic marking product e-Marker®, used for processing candidates’ scripts in high stakes examinations.”

DRS has also recently been awarded a contract to process multiple choice answer sheets for the National Examination Council of Tanzania’s (NECTA) Primary School Leaving Examination. NECTA’s decision was based on evidence from similar examinations in other African countries, demonstrating that introducing DRS scanning technology and scannable forms to automate the marking process is practical, efficient and enables candidates to receive their results promptly.

Additional information

DRS has over 40 years experience in delivering data capture projects around the world.Specialising in examination and assessment processing, electronic marking and student attendance and registration solutions, it also provides solutions for elections and censuses.Systems are implemented using the Company’s extensive expertise in document design, printing, award winning scanning and image capture technologies, software, logistics, project management and consultancy. 

Visit www.drs.co.uk for more details.

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