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    May 23, 2005

    DRS steps up commitment to worldwide channel sales

    Following the UK launch of the PS900 PhotoScribe® Image Mark Reader, data capture specialist DRS has been embarking on a tour of its worldwide distributors to open up International and European channel opportunities. The team at DRS have been visiting a number of countries including China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Mexico and Norway to promote the sophisticated capabilities of the PS900 scanner, and the success of this campaign has generated a great deal of interest
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    October 04, 2004

    DRS strengthens position in China with new Imaging scanners

    DRS can today confirm that it has received an order for five of its latest PhotoScribe® Image Scanning machines from Chinese distributor Guangdong Morning Star Co Ltd. Based in Guangzhou in the South East of the Peoples Republic of China, Morning Star provide distribution channels to the Chinese examinations and assessment markets, and its continued relationship with UK based data capture firm DRS, represents a solid commitment to the far eastern examinations market.
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    September 30, 2004

    DRS new Image scanning technology selected by Cameroon GCE Board

    DRS today announced that the Cameroon General Certificate of Education (GCE) Board has placed an order for the first ever PhotoScribe® PS900 scanner to be used in Africa. The PS900 is the latest in the range of DRS sophisticated data capture technology and will be used by the Cameroon GCE Board to not only record and process student registration forms, but also to capture high quality digital images of the registered students and ultimately help to prevent examination fraud and student impersonation.
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    September 14, 2004

    DRS launches groundbreaking new PS900 PhotoScribe® scanner

    DRS today announced the launch of its latest data and image capture scanner, the PS900. Built around Microsoft .NET architecture DRS PhotoScribe® technology provides unique Imaging and Optical Mark Recognition using the latest contact head technology to electronically capture data and images from forms.