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Gather, co-ordinate and verify parental preference data quickly and accurately
What is it?

New regulations demand a fast and more effective way to handle large volumes of admissions data, meet the challenges of co-ordinated admissions, and deliver an approach compatible with the needs of today’s admissions teams. DRS offer a quick more effective and accurate method that gathers, co-ordinates and verifies parental preference data using its specialist data capture technology.

Who is it for?

Assists Local Authorities process parental preference forms.

How does it work?
  • completed forms securely dispatched to DRS Bureau Service for processing
  • admissions forms are scanned to capture data digitally using DRS intelligent scanners that recognise completed fields to create individual pupil records
  • records are validated against a database of names, addresses and schools and are verified before secure return to the Local Authority in a format ready for upload to their Management Information System (MIS)

What are the advantages?
  • quicker more effective and accurate method of collecting parental preference data
  • using DRS specialist data capture technology ensures accurate recording of data and deadlines are met reducing the risk of stage 2 appeals and potential maladministration cases
  • enables Local Authorities to meet requirements for co-ordinated admissions arrangements
  • fast and efficient system to gather and co-ordinate information and validate the data at the same time
  • reflects the needs and requirements of Admissions Teams for handling parental preferences