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Census Data Capture & Processing 
Tailored census solutions providing efficient processing and accurate results
Every country requires different data to be collected during a census or large survey.

In a government, there are many different views about what information is required. This may result in changes to the questionnaire during the design process. DRS will work flexibly with the census team to ensure these requirements can be met. DRS have experience of working in some of the most logistically challenging environments and can offer advice on how best to manage some of the issues that will need to be overcome.

More than 190 million people have been counted and logged using DRS technology over the last 7 years. Results can be delivered in a significantly shorter timeframe than with traditional manual input. In some cases, the results have been released up to a year earlier than they would have been.

We will guide you through the process:

  • training of enumerator trainers to ensure all enumerators are capturing data correctly first time
  • training all operational and scanning centre system users
  • training of IT staff on system maintenance and back up routines
  • support throughout the lifecycle of the data capture phase
Census Data Capture & Processing