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e-Counting & e-Voting
National elections and balloting solutions delivered globally

As the only UK designer and manufacturer of electronic counting systems, DRS election technologies are proven to bring benefits of speed, accuracy and transparency to the election process, whilst making significant reductions to the staff needed to manually count complex elections:

  • assurance that the correct number of ballot papers are entered into the count
  • guarantee that each paper is counted, but counted only once
  • electronically recording votes where the voters intent is clear
  • passing images of ballot papers where the voters intent is not clear to election officials for adjudication
  • higher security measures through audit trails and access controls

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To understand and meet the changing demands of your electorate it is becoming increasingly important to offer voters more than one channel by which to cast their vote. DRS offers a secure, multi-channel electronic voting solution to enable you to conduct

  • elections
  • referendums
  • and consultations

over the internet, via Interactive Voice Response (IVR), SMS text and through DRE (Direct Recording Electronic) technology like touch-screen kiosks and using encryption technology. The DRS secure, robust and scalable electronic voting solution enables voters to register securely and then vote using any method that is convenient for them: on-line, by telephone or at a kiosk.

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e-Counting & e-Voting