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Non-political Elections
Independent scrutineers to the political process
DRS has a wealth of knowledge on the best ways to tackle secure voting projects, whether used for statutory or non-statutory election projects.

DRS understands when speed, efficiency, accuracy and security are all of the utmost importance.

Bringing experience and independence to the act of running an election, DRS can deliver as well as scrutineer election projects.

For Trade Unions, revisions to the 2010 Trade Union Scrutineers Statute ensures each trade union has a greater choice to choose an election partner with the appropriate skills to undertake the responsible task of assisting you with your ballot and election projects. The Department of Business, Innovation and Skills selected DRS as having these skills and experience.

When engagement and turnout are key DRS can offer fully integrated multi-channel voting services.  These include elections and ballots for shareholder/AGM voting, Professional Bodies, International Associations and Societies, Member Services, Charities and Financial Institutions. DRS provides your electorate and members with secure:

  • internet
  • telephone
  • paper
  • postal ballot options

DRS extensive range of delivery methods include the supply and support of technology to be used in-house by the election administrators or the supply of a full end-to-end election and balloting bureau service based in the UK.

Non-political Elections