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Voter registration and voter ID projects for transient, rural populations

Maintaining an accurate electoral roll for transient, rural populations is a major challenge. With huge advancements in technology to capture voter registration such as tablets, laptops, digital cameras, will technology work in these rural areas?

DRS offer an alternative solution that uses a combination of forms, paper and technology. Our technology is proven and ideally suited to the large-scale data capture needs of voter registration and voter ID projects enabling the fast, accurate and cost-effective production of up-to-date computerised electoral rolls.

DRS offers end-to-end solutions that include:

  • electronic computerised voter registration and open voter registration lists
  • registration form design using innovative techniques capturing a variety of data types including names, signatures, fingerprints and photographs as well as support one or more languages
  • registration form production
  • hardware, software and technology deployment
  • specialist training locally and on-going support to set up and operate a Bureau Service to run accurate data capture exercises in-country
  • technical support
  • specialist project management team at hand every step of the way
  • full and comprehensive staff training
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Voter Registration