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The DRS flagship PhotoScribe® PS970 Series image mark readers are robust, network-ready form scanners that capture data in real-time. The scanner range offers real-time high volume, high speed data capture and processing whilst supporting a variety of data capture options including OMR, image clipping, barcodes, OCR and audit trail printing. With high capacity hoppers and advanced paper handling for high throughput, the PS970 Series are integral elements in DRS data capture projects.


The DRS PhotoScribe® Series scanners accurately scan and capture photographs and other graphical images, in real-time. Processing high volumes of forms, the PhotoScribe® Series image mark readers have the ability to apply multiple image capture rules to the same form.


OMR – Optical Mark Recognition

OMR technology captures and processes structured data to a high degree of accuracy. We provide guidance and support to ensure you select the best technology solution to meet your exact needs and requirements.


OCR – Optical Character Recognition

OCR technology allows the scanner to interpret printed text (such as the details at the bottom of a cheque) and return the results to a computer, all in real time.


ICR – Intelligent Character Recognition

DRS PhotoScribe® series scanners utilise data capture to process handwritten characters and numbers.