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Scanners Overview


  • optical mark read (OMR) heads - software selectable European or USA standard
  • high-speed document transport up to 12,000 A4 forms per hour
  • input hopper capacity of 1000 forms
  • three software selectable output stackers holding 1000, 200 and 200 forms
  • full duplex images and clipped regions of interest
  • barcode data capture
  • electronic doubles detection
  • doubles removal system to reduce user intervention
  • fully networkable

  • minimum form size - 150mm x 70mm
  • maximum form size - 310mm x 310mm
  • minimum form weight – 80gsm
  • maximum form weight – 120gsm

  • will support sizes from a cheque to a larger than A3
  • will support a wide range of paper quality and thickness
  • will capture at an optical rate of 100dpi to 600dpi
  • will support colour

Efficient and Effective

The time wasted on clearing paper jams can have a significant impact on the schedule in large-scale data collection exercises. If an exception occurs, it is imperative that it is detected and resolved as quickly as possible. The PS1000 scanner is designed with an open paper path to allow for quick and easy resolution of any issues and ensures overall throughput is maintained at the highest possible levels. Similarly, consumable items, such as the transport feed rollers or carriage printer ink are easily accessible and user-replaceable.