Human rights in DRS

Human rights in DRS

Respect for the rights of others guides DRS in much of its work in the UK and overseas.

When working with customers, suppliers and partners, the importance of complying with applicable laws, is emphasised in our relationships and is supported by the contractual documentation we use. Workers operating on behalf of DRS anywhere in the world must be afforded satisfactory labour conditions that meet our requirements of cleanliness, safety and services. Inspections are undertaken by DRS personnel who make themselves available to answer workers' concerns. All workers are required to be aged at least 16 years. Ethical and human rights issues will be considered as part of DRS's due diligence processes.

In the UK our staff are supported by policies intended to deliver a workplace that promotes dignity and respect. A proactive approach is taken to any circumstance which could potentially damage the health or a colleague’s ability to carry out their role safely, including zero tolerance to bullying, harassment, discrimination or victimisation of any sort. DRS also provides an excellent range of healthcare benefits along with flexible working and a strong emphasis on providing a good work-life balance.

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