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The DRS Scanning Bureau provides a range of large-scale scanning services and specialises in the receipt, preparation, scanning and storage of examination scripts.  It is the largest script scanning operation in the world today, scanning approx. 10m scripts per year comprising over 200m pages and the team regularly process over 3m sheets per day. 

Our new 80,000+ sq. foot (7,500 sq. metre) dedicated Bureau building has the latest biometric access security and gas fire suppression systems to ensure scripts are secure and protected at all times.

Our professional and experienced team work with a wide range of customers to develop bespoke data capture processes that are able to meet the most exacting requirements.  As the largest scanner of high-stakes GCSE and GCE examination scripts in the UK, our mission is to ensure that every student gets the exam result they deserve, which starts with the accurate scanning of their scripts.

With a focus on continuous improvement utilising techniques including Kaizen and Six Sigma our Bureau delivers services to the highest standards of professionalism and quality.  If you have an educational data capture project we would be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

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