Supporting Services

Supporting services

What are the DRS Supporting Services?

With a proven track record of delivering education solutions for high stakes examinations as well as successful deployment of large-scale data capture, DRS works collaboratively with clients and partners alike to address needs and requirements through effective planning, change and risk management.

DRS has developed a catalogue of Supporting Services that accompany the software solutions which range from project management and training through to specialist services such as scanning bureau management and exam series operations.

Who would benefit from the Supporting Services?

New and existing clients and partners implementing or utilising DRS solutions can benefit from these services to support them in the transition to operating autonomously. They can also utilise DRS to strengthen elements of the process where the client or partner may have skill or resource constraints.

How does it work?

Unlike other vendors, we don’t adopt a “one size fits all approach”. Instead, we review our catalogue of Supporting Services with our clients and partners to help identify the requirements and any service gaps that they would like delivered by our experienced and dedicated team of specialists.

What are the advantages?

With our Supporting Services, clients and partners have access to:

Experienced Change Specialists

Experienced change specialists to help you migrate from traditional methods to our education solutions.

Expert Guidance

Expert guidance to help you select the most appropriate methodology to match your exacting needs and requirements in all aspects of deployment, reporting and analysis.

Technical Specialists

Technical specialists that manage the installation and commissioning of hardware and software for operating our specialist solutions.

Hardware through our in-country partners as appropriate.

Dedicated bureau professionals to help you set up, manage and process examination scripts or forms either locally or remotely.

Specialist training, consultancy, project management and support staff.

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