How does e-Marker® work?

How does e-Marker® work?

e-Marker® has been designed by education experts to reflect the way that awarding bodies and marking staff want to work - enhancing consistency and giving more accurate results across the board. It includes managing script batches through the scanning bureau, presenting scripts electronically for marking and a number of sophisticated automated quality control processes to ensure the most accurate results for candidates.

Candidate answer scripts are scanned, and digital versions of the pages are uploaded to a secure cloud service, ready for marking. Whole or segmented anonymised scripts are allocated to markers either in marking centres or remote locations (e.g. home-based) and quality checks are performed throughout the marking process.

Senior markers and admin teams are constantly updated and can take action quickly if required. Every stage of the process feeds into sophisticated management reporting systems.

e-Marker® has been proven to deliver measurable improvements in marking quality whilst reducing bias, enabling monitoring in real-time and facilitating more proactive management of markers and marking deadlines.

Our electronic quality control approach offers many advantages:

Markers have no control over when quality checking occurs.

Inconsistencies are rapidly identified.

Continuous reporting feeds into a full audit trail of the marking and assessment process.

“e-Marker® was primed to deliver accuracy and thoroughness - the system ensures that you are marking according to the guide. It has an in-built detector checking what you are doing, and as you are marking, scores are going back to the cloud.”

Dr. O Dacosta  |  Deputy Registrar  |  West African Examinations Council  |  Nigeria 

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