What type of assessment?

Whole Script or Item Level Marking?

There are two ways in which candidate's scripts can be marked. Markers can mark either the whole script, providing marks for every question that a candidate has answered or they can be marked at Item Level where the script is split into individual questions or groups of related questions known as segments. These segments are then distributed to different markers for marking using our e-Marker®.

For Item Level Marking, our solution uses specialised software processes and techniques in order to segment both constrained and unconstrained (e.g. essays) answer scripts allowing e-Marker® to process the vast majority of written tests being taken around the world.

There are advantages to each approach, hence e-Marker® is designed to support both:

Whole Script Marking:

One marker assesses the whole script.

Maps closely to the traditional paper script marking methods.

Allows a holistic view of a candidate’s overall responses and capabilities.

Item Level Marking:

Different markers assess different responses within a script.

Significantly improves marking efficiency and consistency as markers mark the same question repeatedly.

Allows automatic machine marking of simple script response questions.

What types of assessments are supported?

Our electronic marking solution can support various types of assessments but most written tests fall into 2 categories:

Combined question & answer booklets where there is a structured allocated area for a candidate to write their response.

Separate question & answer booklets where a candidate writes in the answer booklet in an unstructured way highlighting the question number that they are responding to alongside their response.

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