Why do you need

Why do you need e-Marker®?

Today’s examination bodies face a number of challenges, from protecting the integrity of qualifications and ensuring fairness to optimising the efficiency and accuracy of increasingly complex marking processes. Publishing the right results on time can be a major challenge, and often requires the recruitment and management of large numbers of staff, including remote staff, all while maintaining quality and protecting against bias and malpractice.

DRS e-Marker® solutions can dramatically speed up the marking process while significantly improving the consistency of results and all at a cost potentially lower than traditional script processing. In addition, using e-Marker® approach virtually eliminate one of the major concerns of any awarding body - lost scripts.

As well as offering process improvements for awarding bodies, DRS's e-Marker® solution is more convenient for markers, who can work at times and locations that suit them. In addition, our automated marking systems can significantly reduce the overall manual effort required, reducing risk and cost whilst enhancing quality outcomes. 

Awarding and assessment bodies globally are moving towards electronic marking for a number of very good business reasons:

Improving quality and consistency of marking while reducing turnaround time.

Eliminating risks associated with transporting exam scripts between centres and examiners.

Reducing risks associated with the influence of a single examiner marking a whole exam script.

Providing real-time continuous monitoring of marking progress and quality.

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