How does it work?

How does it work?

DRS supplies all the required scanning hardware, printers, servers, networking equipment and backup devices necessary to provide a complete solution. On the software side, the DRS MCQ solution includes all operating systems, databases, DRS specific utilities and applications and a complete backup solution. Our partner printing services include not only the highly specialised OMR compatible forms (which can include barcodes and ID photos if required) but also attendance cards and certificates. Our experienced project management and technical specialist teams will install, test and commission our systems on-site, as well as provide full training. 

The easy-to-administer MCQ solution manages candidates through a controlled and staged process from start to finish:

Printing, scanning and processing of exam registration forms, including capture of candidate photos.

Production of admission cards to control entry to exams (with photo if required).

Printing, scanning and processing of MCQ forms.

Process analysis and exception management.

Data analysis for selection of pass mark.

Results publication and secure certificate production (with photo if required).

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