Who could benefit from DRS MCQ?

Who could benefit from DRS MCQ?

Designed with the needs of examination boards, education organisations and candidates in mind, our MCQ solution is ideal for Primary School leaving examinations as well as Secondary and High School examinations such as Grade 8, Grade 10 and Grade 12.

The customer base for DRS MCQ solutions is continually expanding, as we gain new customers and business partners across Europe, Africa, the Americas and Asia. With 50 years experience of educational deployments around the world, our expertise is genuinely unrivalled.

Organisations that use our MCQ solution typically realise the following benefits:

Increased efficiency through automated capture of student registration details.

Reduction in fraud & malpractice by utilising validation checks such as photo ID.

Enhanced data quality compared to manual marking methods.

Huge savings in time for capture and analysis of marks and other post-examination processes.

Significantly faster publication of results.

Instant answer sheet retrieval using the electronic image data store.

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