Robust and Reliable

Robust and Reliable

Our extensive and unique experience of successful scanning projects in some of the world’s harshest environments (including India and Africa) has helped us to develop what we believe to be the toughest scanner on the market. Our build quality is legendary among our users.

The PS1000, our newest model, is built to last with all-metal components to ensure unparalleled durability.  DRS customers still have scanners in regular use that we supplied 20 years ago and more.  Like all of our solutions, the PS1000 has been designed to serve customers well into the future.  The fact that the PS1000s deployed in the DRS Scanning Bureau over 100 million forms a year means that not only do we practice what we preach when it comes to volume scanning, but we are also acutely aware of the requirements of our market.

Low Maintenance

The PS1000 is incredibly easy to maintain: simply dust the heads regularly and change the pick wheels when necessary, and the scanner will give you many, many years of solid service. Our global after sales service means there is always an engineer available to help, should you need advice or assistance.

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