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The PS1000: Redesigned and Reimagined for large-scale intelligent scanning

Improved 'real world' throughput and advanced colour handling have put the PS1000 several steps ahead of its predecessor, the PS900. We are already seeing users around the world upgrading fleets of our older scanners and finding that turnaround times significantly improve. 

Where we have deployed PS1000 scanners in the DRS Scanning Bureau we have seen productivity increase substantially in our first year of using the PS1000, we processed over 7 million scripts in under 6 weeks. The PS1000 was also used for the last London mayoral election, where 8 million ballots were scanned in under 8 hours. 

The new scanner boasts much-improved paper handling options, ultrasonic double-feed detection and moving hoppers. More importantly, both data and images are captured in real-time as the forms passed through the scanner - including all OMR, OCR and barcode data. 

This on-board intelligence is what makes the PS1000 stand out in the market; users can easily control processing depending on what data is scanned. Operators can pause the device to verify or key missing data, documents can be automatically sorted into relevant hoppers, or audit data can be added using the optional printer. 

“Running their own bureau operation (that scans over 10 million forms a year) means that the product development team at DRS has instant access to user demands, issues and potential enhancements, and this insight has clearly informed the development of the PS1000 scanner. It offers genuine high volume, high-speed scanning with flexible capture options. The PS1000 is a standout product in a very specialised sector.''

Document Manager magazine product review  |  June 2018 

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